stanley park

Our first week in Vancity

Slept for two nights on the floor of our one-bedroom apartment. I was so cold I had to wear gloves and furry slippers on my first night here (yeah, weak I know). 

Went for our first Sunday service at Tenth Church. It's not like the megachurches back home; the worship had a folksy/country vibe to it, but I really enjoyed seeing people sing so exuberantly. Felt like home to be in God's presence and with His people again. 

Took a trip down to Stanley Park during the weekend. Intended to cycle around the seawall initially but we realised that there were no bike rentals within the park (*smacks head*). So we explored its blooming rose gardens - what a treat for the eyes. Plus, the sun was out and I soaked up as much vitamin C as I could - really not looking forward to my first winter here.