vancouver hikes: lynn canyon

I'm a city girl at heart, but I do love being outdoors too - although I can't quite picture myself sleeping in a tent just yet :p

The beautiful thing about living in Vancouver is that there is SO much terrain to explore. There are so many trails to hike and mountains to climb only a few hours away, which never fails to boggle my mind. I think what I appreciate most about being here is that they are so many ways to enjoy a day out, compared to the typical mall-and-movie weekends I would spend in Singapore (such a bore, I know).

One trail some friends and I recently went a-wandering to: Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver. Here, a creaky old suspension bridge brings you across a wildly rushing waterfall, and winding and sometimes steep trails led us to pools that looked most inviting. I'm tempted to jump into one this summer, although I heard the water will still be cold!


There’s a big carpark near the entrance as well as restroom facilities - there aren’t any of the latter on the trails so it’s best you go before you embark on a hike.


This thing is shaaaaky, so if you're scared of heights, just grab onto both railings as you walk across. The views are something else, though (keep scrolling and you'll see what I mean!).

Oh, and coming here is completely free of charge, compared to the CAD$42.95 you pay for visiting the Capilano suspension bridge.


Nature in its element - gorgeous, eh?

lynn canyon vancouver.png

We continued hiking and made our way to the Twin Falls (you can't really tell but it's in the background). Don't let the sun fool you - it does get chilly out here.


This bubbling river was close to the 30-Foot pool. To get a good shot, you have to scramble onto some rocks and be pretty sure-footed, which I unfortunately wasn't. (Happily, my husband was.)


Admiring the crystal clear waters of the 30-Foot pool. How can anyone resist a swim here?


The cutie that went hiking with us. This little dog was so much more agile than us humans, and really put us to shame :p


I took this shot as we were heading back because I was so captivated by the golden light pouring through the trees... it's not everyday you get to see a sight like this. Can't wait to return to Lynn Canyon over the summer!