vancouver hikes: gold creek falls

With wildfires raging all over BC right now, fresh air is sadly lacking... and sorely needed. This set of images that my friend Tze, an immensely talented photographer, took during our hike at Gold Creek Falls in June makes me long for clear blue skies again.

Perhaps it's more accurate to call this a walk; it was probably one of the most pleasant hikes I've had, with zero steps to climb, no mozzies on the attack, and hardly any incline (clearly I'm not into strenuous activities much, though I hope to conquer more difficult hikes someday!).

In all, we spent about half a day here. We walked to a nearby beach for a picnic-style lunch, then headed to the actual trail after lounging about for a bit. My friend's adorable Labrador, Emily, came along for the trip, and it was such fun getting to play with a dog again. 

I remember that I had barely gotten any sleep the night before this hike (insomnia sucks). The 1.5-hour drive out of Vancouver allowed me to grab a short nap in the car, and when we arrived, just being amidst nature and friends and fresh air did wonders for my weary soul. I felt a lot lighter and free-er when I returned home that evening. Plus, the weather that day was just perfect (i.e. pretty sunny), which made dipping my toes in the cool glacial-fed waters an absolute must. It was refreshingly cold, and I encourage everyone to try it at least once. But I wouldn't recommend drinking it!

What I loved most about this hike was that there were a few hidden stopovers along the way where we could spend time taking photos at and squealing at how cold the water felt, mere seconds after wading in. If you have dogs, they should be kept on-leash here, but Emily still managed to enjoy a little swim.

The only downside is that parking is super limited, so it's best to get there early if you don't want to park really far away from the trailhead. The relatively easy hike and the chill vibes, however, will more than make up for any inconvenience you experience. Am looking forward to returning and exploring more of Golden Ears Provincial Park!

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