when life gets you down, make pancakes

vegan pancakes.JPG

I've been feeling lethargic and filled with inertia for a few days, but I can't pinpoint any contributing factors. Is this normal? Do people feel like this sometimes?

Over the weekend, I organised a ramen dinner with friends from V's theological school and I really enjoyed talking to people and getting to know them better. But after that, I think I just about maxed out my "social energy".

Instead, lying horizontal under my comfy quilt for much of the day became a very appealing thought. Conversely, the thought of washing the dishes became anathema - which is why they have been piling up in the sink more frequently, to V's utmost chagrin.

Yesterday night, I even told V I wanted to go home (i.e. Singapore) because I felt really tired of cooking all day (ok, lame complaint I know).

To my friends back home, you are SO LUCKY to live in a country that sells cheap economy rice, fish soup, carrot cake... I now understand why tourists love hawker food so much, because there is simply no such thing in the Western world. Bah.

But I guess that's enough griping. All these negative confessions have probably affected my mood and behaviour, so that's definitely something I need to control.

When I woke up this morning, the sun was shining (a definite rarity these days), and I thought of doing something that would cheer myself up.

The answer my brain latched onto: Pancakes. I rustled up a vegan pancake recipe because I don't have milk in the fridge, and they turned out all right, even without milk and eggs. I used whole wheat flour (what I also used for my banana bread) to make these.

They were a little thicker than I expected, but they were dense, chewy, and perfect for mopping up maple syrup on the plate. Yes, I like 'em soggy.

After topping them with some fresh raspberries, I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and brought them out onto my patio for a few quick shots, which resulted in the image you see above.

Here's a clearer photo of the background:

vancouver fall season.JPG

Seriously, how gorgeous is fall?! (See my Granville Island visual diary for more beautiful fall snaps.)

To folks back home, I guess you would think that I am so lucky to be living overseas and enjoying life. (I mean, I definitely thought that about friends who migrated).

To be honest, it's not all a bed of roses, but to be here right now, in this time and place, is something I cannot be more grateful for. Even if that means cooking day in and day out.