review: herbivore botanicals' coco rose body polish
herbivore botanicals coco rose body polish

The first body scrub I fell in love with was Aesop's Geranium Leaf Body Scrub. I used it at least once a week, particularly on days where I felt I needed a pick-me-up. It has a crazily invigorating scent that's so crisp and green and fresh. And I love that they use pumice (instead of horribly damaging microbeads) in it. 

Having gone through at least two tubes of that, I thought it was time to move on and get a taste of something new (this only applies to beauty products, I promise). I had been stalking Seattle-based beauty label Herbivore Botanicals for the longest time, and I finally caved and bought a jar of their Coco Rose Body Polish a few months back.

herbivore botanicals coco rose body polish review

One of the reasons why I am attracted to the brand is because of its environmentally-friendly ethos. All of its products contain natural ingredients (with certified organic ingredients amongst them), and they're also paraben- and sulfate-free. I'm not a total eco-warrior, but living more consciously and being more aware of how my choices are impacting my own body and the environment is something I want to strive toward.

Another reason why I like the brand is completely superficial: Its clean, minimalist packaging. I like how it conveys a sense of "accessible luxury": Their designs don't scream "expensive", but it does make you feel like it's something worth shelling out for.

Think about it: Must an exfoliating body scrub be contained a glass jar? Not at all, but Herbivore Botanicals did it anyway - and it certainly adds a luxe touch. The fact that the scrub itself comes in a pretty pastel pink hue doesn't hurt either.

beauty review herbivore botanicals body polish

As its name suggests, the Coco Rose Body Polish is a blend of virgin coconut oil (to moisturise skin and encourage tissue repair), Moroccan rose (which has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties) and sugar (to exfoliate skin).

How I usually use a body scrub: After a quick rinse in the shower, I scoop a dollop out using my fingers or a spatula (like what you see above) and spread it all over my body from the neck down, concentrating on areas that are particularly dry like elbows, knees and heels. I let it "rest" for a minute or two, then wash it off thoroughly with warm water. And there you have it: A DIY spa sesh at home!

herbivore botanicals coco rose body polish review

My verdict? This body polish deserves all the rave reviews it's received. I love how soft and smooth my skin felt immediately after, and the granules in the scrub weren't grating on my skin at all. I also like how the rose or the coconut don't overwhelm each other, scent-wise. Sometimes you can only smell one dominant ingredient in a product, but this has a pretty well-balanced formula. 

The other side-effect they don't tell you about using this: You might "suffer" visions of a tropical beach getaway. Mine involves a fresh coconut in one hand and a rose-infused cocktail in the other. Wouldn't that be perfect, especially in the midst of winter?

My only word of caution in using this is that it's fragile (remember it's housed in a glass bottle), so store it in a safe place when you aren't using it! I keep mine on my bathroom counter when it's off-duty, instead of leaving it near the bathtub where it might slip and smash into a million pieces, which would be absolutely heartbreaking.

Herbivore Botanicals' Coco Rose Body Polish is currently available on (prices start from CAD$44.83).

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