cafes in vancouver: the birds and the beets
the birds and the beets cafes in vancouver

Spring is finally here, and I couldn't be happier. The ability to wear a t-shirt and shorts - without perspiring at all - is THE BEST feeling ever. (I don't know how I'll survive when I make my way back home to Singapore, where temperatures are typically above 30 degrees Celsius. Urgh.)

On one such hot spring day, we found ourselves looking for a good brunch spot. The Birds And The Beets was a cafe I had bookmarked sometime ago, and we made our way to its Gastown location. The place has ample seating and is bright and airy, and there's a tiny nook next to the ordering counter with shelves full of books and fresh flowers.

The menu is simple and straightforward - there's no "dressing up" of words to make items sound fancier than they really are, which I absolutely appreciate. What you'll find here is standard brunch fare, like the ubiquitous avocado toast with a slow-poached egg ($6). We ordered that alongside a fish sandwich ($11).

the birds and the beets brunch vancouver

Having been subjected to many sub-par avocado toasts, we were pleasantly surprised by the one here. It came with a tangy, citrus-y sauce drizzled lightly over it, which complemented the egg-and-avocado mix well. The brioche toast, too, was soft in the middle and crispy on the edges. Trust me when I say it was reaaally difficult to split this with someone.

vancouver cafes birds and the beets food review

I didn't manage to get a good shot of the fish sandwich unfortunately, but it was yummy too. We liked the dressing (again, something citrus-y), and they weren't stingy with the serving of fish. Also, check out how chock full of greens it was - healthy much?

Some cafes are only worth a one-time visit, but The Birds And The Beets is worth returning to. The portions aren't huge, to be sure, but the kitchen really knows their stuff. We're keen to try the pork sandwich next time!

The Birds And The Beets
55 Powell Street

Open 7am-6pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on weekends