face and body oils i'm loving right now
face and body oils

I might've escaped the worst of winter by road-tripping to California last month, but dry skin is something that never goes away. Sure, moisturisers will help, but sometimes you just want something that just feels a lot more... luxurious. And that's where face and body oils come in.

One huge misconception about using face oils is that they'll leave your complexion looking greasy. Well, there might be a slight shine on your face after applying one, but it's more of a glow-y sheen than a gross-looking one.

Body oils, meanwhile, may not be as popular as lotions or creams, but they are my absolute favourite thing to use on a cold night. This is why: After dabbing some oil onto my palms, I rub  my hands together and warm up the product before applying it, so it doesn't feel too cold on my skin. Exactly like what a massage therapist would do ;)

Keep scrolling to get the lowdown on the face and body oils I've been using for the past few months, and why you should totally try them for yourself!

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Pixi Rose Oil Blend

You know that crushing disappointment when you demolish a pack of your favourite chocolate biscuits all too soon? That's how I felt upon finishing Pixi's Rose Oil Blend.

I was gifted a bottle by a friend, and having heard good things about the British beauty brand, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by it on all fronts: Its soothing rose scent, the way it made my complexion glow (thanks to a blend of almond, rosehip and jojoba oils), and how smooth my skin felt after applying it.

I don't always buy repeat beauty products, but this is one I am definitely going to purchase again.


Aveda Stress-Fix Composition Oil

On our honeymoon in France, we picked up a bottle of lavender-scented massage oil which pretty much lasted for over two years. There's just something about lavender that calms and relaxes - and if you're a big fan of its scent, American brand Aveda's Stress-Fix Composition Oil will make a great addition to your beauty stash.

What I love about this oil is its ability to multi-task. It works great as a massage oil (especially when your muscles are tired and aching after a gruelling barre workout), but it can also be used to clean your scalp, as well as to scent your bath for a relaxing weekend soak.


Fur Oil

Forgive the hyperbole, but this pretty spherical bottle contains pure gold. I was won over from the instant I used this oil. As the description says, Fur Oil is intended for use on your nether regions, with the aim of softening pubic hair and minimising ingrowns.

My favourite thing about the American beauty brand's oil is that it doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue at all. My second favourite thing is its citrus-y scent, which isn't overly cloying or artificial-smelling.

I wrote a longer review of this over on www.herworld.com last year, and I quote: "it's banished prickliness and itchiness from my girly bits, and kept my skin feeling soft and supple 24/7". Plus, Emma Watson is a fan - and if it's good enough for her, it sure is good enough for me.