inspiring christian instagram accounts to follow

Besides being a huge caffeine junkie (check out my list of must-visit cafes in LA), I must confess that I am also a total Instagram addict. I love scrolling through the app's Explore feed and stumbling across new and inspirational accounts.

Of late, the accounts that I have been following are by organisations and people who have a deep heart for God.

Whether it's in sharing daily devotionals or writing encouraging poetry to complete strangers, these have given my feed a much-needed faith boost.

These accounts make me look UP, not AROUND. They've helped me to pause and reflect on God's enduring love, goodness and mercy. They've challenged me to live my faith out in more tangible ways this side of heaven. And they've encouraged me to be more honest and authentic on my own Instagram.

Keep on scrolling for my list of 10 faith-filled Instagram accounts to follow!

 inspiring christian instagram accounts to follow

1. @pocketfuel

Pocket Fuel has been one of my go-to sources of spiritual feeding for a few years now. I love that their daily devotionals are written so conversationally, and the topics they address - from learning to let go to dealing with struggles - are so relatable too.

I've "saved" countless posts from them on Instagram so I can always check back on stuff I haven't finished reading, and stuff that's so good I need to read them over and over again.

One of the reasons I'm passionate about creating daily blog pieces about the Biblical text is how my much I love uncovering the many different faces of any given story within it. Stories we've heard since childhood, like David and Goliath, Joshua and Jericho, Jonah and the whale, Mary and her miracle child, and Cain and Abel; all have rich and complicated histories and meanings. More than we could ever discuss in a lifetime. More than what we've been told. . They inform our faith, and how "we faith." They give us courage and correction. They confuse us and encourage us. Some parts of the Biblical text are so horrific; I wonder what their purpose is for being in there. And then, just when we think we know it, and have a handle on the "truth," something happens - whether that be an experience or revelation or both - that changes everything; turning what we thought we knew upside down, or the right way up, or somewhere in between. . That's why I do Pocket Fuel; why I've created for myself, and for us, this daily spiritual practice of analyzing and pulling apart and questioning and listening to what it has to communicate to us, and how - if - it can relate to our current world and lives. . I'd love to hear from you today: . What stories in the biblical text have you been reading, or wrestling with? What ones make you angry, and what ones bring you peace? And why? How do you think this ancient collection of stories and letters and histories relates to us and our modern world? . For me? It's a (cliché alert) journey. A winding, endless, sometimes frustrating, sometimes awful, mostly beautiful, journey. . Faith is not a full-stop set of beliefs, but an invitation to believe that there is more going on in the world and beyond, than what I currently know and can probably ever fathom. And the Bible is a window into that world. . The bible isn't for intermission: something we read during the ad breaks of life. It's not a rule book, or a road map, or a constellation tracker. . CONT👇BELOW

2. @wellwateredwomen

Gretchen Saffles, the genius lady behind Well Watered Women, has come up with an awesome hashtag - #wordbeforeworld - to remind us to put the first things first. I love that about this account - how it constantly pushes and encourages us to go deeper in the Word, and to stop striving and start resting in Him.

What's more, their line of bible study resources - I've been eyeing their Give Me Jesus journal for a while now - look like great investments for quiet time! 

When I was in the 7th grade, I began writing love letters to my future husband. Over the years a pile collected in my keepsakes box as I waited (and waited) to meet the man God would have me marry. I prayed for years (and years) that God would use the love story He would write for me to bring Him much glory. As I waited, God transformed my heart to show me that no man will ever fulfill my longings -only Jesus can. Waiting was never meant to be drudgery, but rather an adventure pointing us to Jesus. The Bible never says "wait on a husband (or fill in the blank)." Scripture says to "wait on the Lord." You see, God still writes beautiful love stories and they begin in His Word with Christ at the center.⠀ ⠀ The Bible is one giant Love Letter to us. Written in blood, united in love, and with the most glorious ending. No fairy tale could ever rival the work of art God has written in His Word. "Once upon a time" begins in the creation account and the garden of Eden. The most heroic act of love is displayed in the Gospels when Jesus laid down His life for mankind who rejected him. And "happily ever after" is yet to come. We will one day be with Jesus forever, worshiping Him, adoring Him, and basking in His perfect presence.⠀ ⠀ You are in a love story right now, but you aren't the center of it. The point of this God-sized love story is that it has always been and will always be about Jesus. He alone can satisfy our longing hearts. He is our First Love. Open your Love Letter today. He is reaching out to you with the most tender arms, offering abundant life through the glory of the gospel. (Read more on "Wooed By Grace" on the #wellwateredwomen blog - link in profile) #aGodsizedlovestory #shereadstruth

3. @desiringgod

Most of you might already be familiar with this account, but it's definitely worth a mention. The articles published on Desiring God, a platform founded by pastor John Piper, have been some of the most thought-provoking and deeply enriching articles I've read.

Oh, and they also don't shy away from discussing difficult and "taboo" topics, like homosexuality, war and divorce. So if you have questions about faith and its intersections with other cultures and values, their website is full of resources.

"Where does that love come from? Remember the story about the Pharisee who asked Jesus to come to dinner in Luke 7? He didn't wash Jesus's feet. He didn't kiss Jesus. He didn't do anything to show affection for Jesus. Suddenly there's this 'woman of the street,' a prostitute, leaning over Jesus's bare feet weeping. The tears are falling on his dirty feet, and she is taking her hair and washing Jesus's feet. This is incredibly provocative. The Pharisee is bent out of shape and says: If you are a prophet, you would know what kind of woman this is, for she's a sinner (Luke 7:39).⠀ ⠀ Jesus tells the Pharisee a story. A man had two debtors. One owed him $5,000. One owed him $5. He forgave them both. Who will love him more? The Pharisee says, 'The one, I suppose, for whom he cancelled the larger debt' (Luke 7:43). Jesus says, 'You have judged rightly' (Luke 7:43). He says: When I came in here, you didn't kiss me. You didn't wash my feet. But from the time I came in, she has wept over my feet, washed them with her tears, wiped them with her hair - because she has been forgiven much.⠀ ⠀ So where does love come from? It comes from being stunned by being loved by God, right? This love comes from being overwhelmed by the person of Jesus dying on our behalf and rising again, though we have no merit at all in ourselves. When that grips you, then you will taste what it is to treasure Jesus, delight in Jesus, and be satisfied in Jesus."⠀ ⠀ Read more at Link in bio.⠀ ⠀

4. @crazylove

Run by the Crazy Love team, which takes its name from a book written by pastor Francis Chan, this account serves up hard-hitting quotes day after day. These aren't the feel-good kind of quotes that people love to "like"; they are oftentimes tough to swallow.

Because of them, however, I have been led to examine my own life and my faith a lot more critically. I can't wait to read some of his books too!

5. @joyfullifemagazine

The Joyful Life magazine is a quarterly print publication for Christian women launching fall 2018. Their aim is to share the joy found in inviting Jesus into our everyday lives.

As a former magazine writer, I'm really excited to see this project come to fruition.... and I'm also overjoyed (hehe) to be part of its launch team. Follow their Instagram to get updates on living life with joy and purpose, and join super fun giveaways!

Have you ever felt like you needed to shout to get God's attention? As if somehow He wasn't aware of your need? As if He was overlooking you in His vast ocean of creation? I certainly have. . I found an old prayer journal from 2016 a few days ago. My January 12th entry was nothing more than an angry and desperate question that filled the entire page in an effort to shout at God to get his attention. . "WHERE ARE YOU?!!" . My eyes filled with tears when I read those angry words. Because two years later...I see clearly now where He was. He was nearer than my own soul, closer than my most secret thoughts. He knew what I did not. He was long-suffering where I had run out of hope. He was in the midst of calming a storm where I had declared a wasteland. He was building a new foundation, but I wanted the house. . God is not absent. He's closer than your very soul. He's right there in the midst of your trial...right now. He's at work for your good and His glory. He's doing things you can't see...but someday you will see with great clarity. It may not be this side of heaven...but PRAISE THE LORD!...our days are not confined to those lived on this earth! We WILL see! . We need not demand an answer to our desperate shouts of, "Where are you?!!". . He is Emmanuel. He is with us. He is with you. . Whatever trial or pain you're facing today...invite Jesus into it. . 💔 Maybe you have a sick child and you're fighting a losing battle with fear. . 💔 Maybe you're anxious over a difficult conversation that you need to have. . 💔 Maybe you have just lost someone you love and your heart is in a desperate place of grief. . 💔 Maybe you're looking around your home with total overwhelm at all you need to do and feel as if you're failing at being a wife and mother. . 💔 Maybe your husband just lost his job and you're not sure how you're going to feed your family. . Whatever your circumstance...God is nearer than your own soul...he sees you. He loves you. He's working through your trial. And he's a good, good father. Draw near to Him. | Sandi . James 4:8 ESV "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you." . ___ . Use hastag #joyfullifecommunity to be featured on @joyfullifemagazine


6. @morganharpernichols

I LOVE what Morgan is doing on Instagram. She has such an encouraging heart and a God-given purpose: To touch the lives of strangers by writing poems that speak into her followers' specific struggles and situations.

Plus, her poems are uh-may-zing (you won't believe how many of them I've added to my Pinterest). They're written in a pretty simple and straightforward manner, but the message behind them - and the God who inspires these words - is all-powerful.

Remember the dream. Remember the night you first believed maybe, just maybe, it might come together. Maybe, just maybe this is something worth pursuing. Because even though it may take time to come together, in this current season you will come to know: you have dreamed not a weightless, fleeting dream but one that requires slow and steady growth. Hold onto this. Because the truth is things may happen a little differently than you were expecting, and you may find yourself watching others walk into the seasons you were praying for, but none of that will take anything away from the beautiful things that are still in store for you. You may find you have to take the longer, scenic route but it will not be without the view of the hills, rivers, and lakes that remind you: in this big world, there is still a place for you. There is still room for you. So remember the dream. Then, lift it up. Lift it high off the ground. Lift it high off of the timeline you assigned it to and believe with all you have, there is still more to you. There is more to this dream, there is more to this journey. And things may not look like you thought they would, but you can do so many small, meaningful things for good and along the way, they will remind you why you dreamed this dream in the first place. Because one day, it will all add up and you find yourself standing in a library, built tall of every beautiful, honest thing you ever made, and then? you will only keep dreaming creating, making, giving... inspiring others to do the same. You have permission to do that. You have permission to work for that. You have permission to remember the dream. -Morgan Harper Nichols I wrote these words this morning and immediately thought of young woman in Indiana that messaged me the other day, in regards to some of the things she's be dreaming about, but she is not sure of where or how things will go. The photo is not a reflection of her appearance. Just something I doodled last night. Leave a 🖤 below if you are in need of encouragement today. Just like the last few days, I am still writing and DM'ing lots of little poems for randomly selected people who comment below!

7. @jenessawait

I came across Jenessa's Instagram quite by accident - and I'm happy that I chose to follow her.

Her hand-lettering pieces are beautiful and inspiring, and her retail offerings are TDF - just look at this gorgeous pillow case (and Bible verses done as prints that are available on her online shop).


8. @gritandvirtue

Grit And Virtue's goal is to help women with a mission to connect, gain exposure and receive resources. I think it's such an admirable cause, and one I'm all for.

I found them on Instagram recently, and I am truly encouraged by their heart for women. It also doesn't hurt that their feed is clean, fresh and real easy on the eyes.

9. @shelovesmag

I got to know about SheLoves magazine after my friend Naomi (who penned a beautifully profound guest post for my blog) wrote an article for them.

Guys, I am blown away by the quality and depth of their pieces. They're written by a diverse range of women from various ethnicities and backgrounds, and they possess such strong and fearless voices. What an absolute gem.

10. @tenthchurch

Okay, I am personally invested in this recommendation, because this is the church I am currently attending :p

Still, I'm not doing this because I feel compelled to. Rather, I have been more than blessed by Tenth's sermons, its community, and the opportunities I have been given to serve (such as helping out with its social media content). My spiritual self has been raised back to life since arriving in Vancouver over six months ago, and I dare say that a lot of my growth has happened in this place.

Are there any Christian Instagram accounts that have inspired and encouraged you? Leave a comment below - I'd love to check it out!