Hi there! Thank you for visiting this humble little space.

I started izzabelle.co in 2017 when I moved to Vancouver, Canada from Singapore, as my husband is currently pursuing a Master's in theological studies here. 

Writing has always been my passion. When I was a child, I filled notebooks with wild and exciting stories that came alive in my head, and even dreamed of being an author one day.

While that didn't materialise, I did the next best thing: Devouring books by literary greats and watching a ton of arthouse films, all for the sake of education.

Since graduating with a BA (2nd Upper Hons.) from Nanyang Technological University, I've worked in Honeycombers, a lifestyle and entertainment website, as well as Female magazine, a leading fashion and beauty publication in Singapore.

As a freelance writer, I've contributed articles on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel to Female magazine, HerWorldPlus.com, Silkwinds magazine and VITA magazine. View my published articles here.

My blog, meanwhile, goes heavy on the personal. It's where I want to delve deeper into life and share - honestly and openly - about things like what being married has taught me, and the issues I've faced as a believer.

I also want to use this blog as a platform to showcase the works of creative individuals I'm privileged to call friends, and run interviews with inspiring women who love God and love what He has called them to do.

But to tell you the truth: I'm not here just to write or to be followed. I'm here to meet YOU. I would love to hear your story, your struggle, your scars... and walk with you through your storms and valleys. If you need a friend, I'm just an email or Facebook message away.

So, y'know, don't be a stranger <3